Showcasing your Home with a Virtual Tour

Waynette's virtual tour of Giles Chapel in Asheboro Real Estate

If you are an Asheboro or Randolph County seller this Fall who’s been thinking that creating a virtual tour of your home is a true requisite to compete in today’s tough real estate environment, you’re more than half right. Your potential market is not just everyone in the Asheboro, Randolph County area; it is also everybody everywhere else in the nation (even the entire World!). They are there on the Internet, hoping to find a home property that piques their interest. And they’re more than likely doing so on a computer that puts them a click away from launching a virtual tour.

The ease provided by virtual tours has become a byword in the home real estate industry. Not only can a virtual home tour entice prospective buyers who needn’t stir from their own living rooms, it can also greatly increase a sales effort’s efficiency by self-eliminating prospects for which your offering is wholly unsuited.

 However, like every tool at the real estate marketer’s disposal, a property’s virtual tour must be well designed to be effective. For the property owner as well as their real estate representative, knowing and following guidelines that have proven to be most successful will yield a productive virtual tour.

 1. Before beginning to assemble the virtual tour, become familiar with the features and limitations of the software that it is going to run on. This does NOT mean you should become a computer programmer, but it DOES mean you should take some tours that are already running in order to see what the current buying public experiences. Notice which features make the tour easy, which invite further viewing, and whether any are confusing or not functioning properly. Make a mental note of one of Asheboro’s and Randolph County’s virtual tours that seem especially inviting, and later revisit it with the idea of confirming your impression of what makes it so successful.

2. The quality of the photographs is without exception the most important building block of a winning virtual tour. As obvious as this may seem, it’s easy to lose track of, especially if you are taking the photos yourself and having to concentrate on light and camera settings. Photographers who have become professionals have learned how to deal with a myriad of technical aspects without losing sight of what’s most important: the final impact on the viewer. True pros almost never have to re-shoot a property because they also live by the still photographer’s Golden Rule: eliminate flaws.

3. Even though a home virtual tour moves viewers from place to place, it is still at root a method of creating motion through still photos. Good still photographers know that the viewer’s eye is invariably attracted to mistakes – even tiny ones tend to dominate everything else that looks right. When preparing for any photo shoot, whether you will be conducting it yourself or prepping for someone else, be ready to attend tirelessly to every visible detail. Clarify the viewer’s experience by removing as many unnecessary elements as you can, as well as straightening and cleaning everything that will be in view. The real estate truism “Clutter is the Enemy” is never truer than when you are preparing to shoot the photographs that make up your virtual tour.

I take great pride in the properties I list, and the virtual tours I create to market them. Take a look at my virtual tours here.

Want me to create a virtual tour of your home? Call me today me to list and market your home and show off its best features at 336-953-6526, or email me at

View my listings at and click “My Listings”.


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