Now That 2012 is Upon Us…

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 I’ve heard it said that there are really only two kinds of people in Asheboro, NC: those who make New Year’s resolutions, and everybody else. Now that we are fully launched into 2012, humanity will have already separated itself into the two camps. One group is automatically removed from any possibility of failing to live up to any resolutions. And then there are the rest of us…

When I googled ‘resolution’ this morning I didn’t find any good synonyms but I did notice that the word has a lot to do with either A) getting a sharper picture on your TV; or B) simplifying something complicated into something less complicated.

I’m not going to say which of the two camps of humankind I fell into on New Year’s Eve, mainly because in past years I’ve found that publicizing those resolutions tends to make the job of living up to them at least 10 times harder.

But over and above any resolutions that may or may not be in progress, I do find some wisdom in the whole idea of working to simplify things. In every Randolph County real estate dealing, for sure, simplifying and clarifying is absolutely key to making maximum progress with minimum wasted time and energy.  It starts and ends with communication, from the first phone call or office visit to the moment when keys change hands. True, there are a hundred technical details that we need to handle, so it would be an over-simplification to say that your agent’s job is only guaranteeing clear communication. But when you really get to the core of why some home sales happen quickly and easily and some do not, it is often the case that there was some basic misunderstanding happening somewhere down the line.

I hope that your holiday season was as warm and full of good cheer as mine was, and now that the New Year’s celebrations are over, you and your family won’t even need to make a resolution that your 2012 will be a spectacular success!

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