5 Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Waynette Araj Real Estate Asheboro Randolph County NC

On too many occasions to count, I’ve seen potential Asheboro home buyers rule out properties based on poor curb appeal, and bad photos on the MLS (I’ll save that topic for another post.)

If your home’s curb appeal makes a great first impression, everyone — including potential homebuyers — will want to see what’s inside. Check out these simple, low-cost improvements that you can do in a day, a week, or a month.

1.   Define A Clear Pathway. 

Clearly define a path to your front door, which leads into your home.  Make sure to rid your pathway of any weeds poking through the cracks and line your path with some natural elements to draw people in.

2.  Upgrade Your Front Door. 

Installing a new front door will instantly enhance your home’s façade and sets a tone for what lies beyond.  Make sure the new door compliments your home’s architecture, and if at all possible introduce some glass either within the door itself, a transom above or sidelights to the side.  Consider painting the new door red or black for some added drama – and to draw some positive energy in.

Waynette Araj Real Estate in Asheboro NC Curb Appeal

3.  Architectural Details. 

If the front of your home is void of details, then create some!  Draw attention to your entryway by adding some chunky moldings.  Create some visual interest by installing new window trims and shutters. Consider incorporating a charming new fence, trellis, or water feature.

4.  Landscaping.

Adding shrubs, flowers or container gardens add instant impact to your front yard.  Create an inviting entrance by investing in a pair of architectural pots, fill them with flowering plants, and place them on the landing flanking the front door.  Dig a new planting bed for flowers along the driveway or in front of your house.  Waynette Araj Real Estate Asheboro NC Curb Appeal

5.  Lighting.

Design a sense of drama by adding some energy efficient low LED or solar powered garden lights along your pathway and driveway, and highlight your home by accenting the façade with multiple layers of lighting. Include a pair of wall sconces flanking the front door and invest in quality finishes.  Creating a welcoming glow throughout your property will draw your guests (or potential buyers) in.

 One important piece of what I do as a real estate professional is help sellers understand what needs to be done to make their properties appeal to potential buyers. If you  are interested in selling your Asheboro or Randolph County home, contact me today to start the conversation. I look forward to working with you!
Call me at 336-953-6526, or email me at waraj@me.com.
Visit my website at www.WaynetteAraj.com.

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