Tips For Your Randolph County NC Home For Sale

Selling your Randolph County NC home can be a very overwhelming process. It brings on a variety of emotions from excitement at the prospect of moving up, anticipation about the offers they will get from prospective buyers, and even sadness or regret at parting with a home that holds so many memories. Add to that the stress of the entire selling process – dealing with tons of paperwork, negotiating with banks and different types of buyers, dealing with your agent, the list goes on. Feeling all this at once is normal.

In order for you to stay positive and in control while marketing your Randolph County home for sale, here are a few tips:

1. Gather and prepare all necessary documents. By paperwork, I don’t just mean the title and other legal documents required to process the sale of your Randolph County NC home. This includes papers regarding home warranty, current contacts for home maintenance like repair companies, pool maintenance, lawn care, utility bills, etc. The buyer will most definitely want to have this information and will absolutely appreciate it if you can hand this to them once they purchase your Randolph County home.

2. Hire a professional to inspect your Randolph County home. No home is exempt from damage, even the relatively new ones. Almost all buyers get an inspection before purchasing a home. They will almost always find a way to look for damages so they could negotiate with the seller to lower the asking price. Why not stay a step ahead and have your own inspection done so you would be ready when it’s time for negotiations and you would be aware of how much the repairs would actually cost.

3. Get repair cost estimates or make necessary repairs. In line with tip number 2, getting your own inspection done will give you time to identify damages and problems in the home and have them repaired or at least get repair cost estimates ready for your potential buyers. Aside from being ready for negotiations, buyers will love how up front and organized you are!

4. Get your things organized. As soon as you put up your Randolph County home for sale, start packing your personal belongings. Removing your personal items from the home has two advantages. First, it gives you more room to have your home cleaned and staged for showings. Buyers will be able to see more of the house and not your personal stuff. Second, it helps you with the moving on process. Once you pack your things and see less of your personal effects, the home will feel less familiar and can help you detach yourself emotionally from the home so it would be easier for you to let go once a buyer comes along.

5. Stage your Randolph County home. The outside of your home should make a great first impression to entice buyers to come and view the inside of the home. For starters, give your curb appeal a boost. Clean your yard, mow the lawn, trim the trees and shrubbery, add some fresh and colorful flowers to your walkway and add some outdoor accessories like lounge chairs, lanterns, outdoor lighting, etc. Hire a professional to stage the interior of your home. They have a fresh, unbiased pair of eyes to see your home through a buyer’s perspective and help you decide which items to keep or discard to make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

As a seller, you should be well-prepared before you embark in the home selling process. Doing all these 5 tips will make the entire process easier and smoother for both you and the buyer and will help sell your Randolph County NC home in no time!


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