Randolph County NC Open House Touches To Make Things Happen!


When planning your first open house in Randolph County NC, you should follow a few simple guidelines to ensure your open house success. Here are three things you can prepare for your Randolph County open house to make sure it will be a marketing event to remember by potential buyers:

1. Add some flowers
You might think this is an unnecessary expense, but when you consider your Randolph County home’s asking price, it could be very well worth it. The little amount you spend on flowers could give your home a big boost, from the pleasant fragrance that welcomes and entices your guests to enter, to the burst of color that the flowers add in key areas of your home, they say a lot to buyers that you are willing to make an extra effort to take care of your home. It’s almost springtime, too, so flowers would definitely be in bloom!

2. Put up your signage in advance
You may already have a “For Sale” sign in your front yard, but if your Randolph County open house is fast approaching, getting the word out must be your top priority.  If your agent is on his or her toes (hint: I’m one of those!) – they will already have an “Open Sunday”’ rider attached to your sign several days before your open house.  It’s a small way of inviting your neighbors and local residents, who may also spread the word to relatives and friends looking for a Randolph County NC home for sale! Your home can never have too much exposure to attract a number of potential buyers.

3. Provide child-friendly entertainment
Some buyers may have their children tag along for the open house. Bored kids are a big distraction – so make sure to have something ready for them like coloring sheets and crayons. Aside from helping get rid of the hassle and distraction, you are also creating a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere.

To ensure your Randolph County open house success, small steps make a big difference.  I’d love to help you set up a great open house. Contact me anytime to help you prepare for this spring’s selling season in Randolph County NC!


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