‘Surprise Remodel’ Adds Value In Randolph County NC Homes


Home values can change abruptly. One way this happens is through the “Surprise Remodel” moment, which occurs when you suddenly find that your Randolph County NC home grew bigger overnight.

If you are one of the Randolph County homeowners with children who have left for college, then the “Surprise Remodel” has happened to your home the moment you have that extra room that used to belong to your child.

Sometimes it may be hard to let go of all their personal memorabilia and all your child’s stuff with sentimental value, but you will eventually realize that the room could be transformed to a more useful space, which is better than letting it sit useless and gathering dust.

Here are some ways you could use the “Surprise Remodel” to add value to your Randolph County NC home:

1. Home Office. Maybe you have always wanted a dedicated office space just for you. This is the perfect moment. Use neutral colors when repainting the room. Add a desk or computer table, guest chairs, and some bookshelves and you instantly have your own home office.

2. Fitness Area. Transforming the children’s bedroom into a workout area is a great way to add value to your Randolph County NC home. You may need to remove the carpeting and replace it with appropriate flooring if necessary. Then place a large mirror on one wall, add your exercise equipment and voila – your personal gym at your convenience.

3. Guest Room. In case your children will be home for vacation or holidays, it would be a good idea to do a subtler makeover from a kids room to a guest room. Removing personal memorabilia is a simple way to transform the room into a universal guest room. Adding fancy beddings and pillows will also add value to your Randolph County NC home.

The values of Randolph County homes may not seem important to you until you put up your Randolph County home for sale. I often hear clients say they wish they had improved the place while they still lived in it. The “Surprise Remodel” moment is the best time to do just that.

If you are planning on having your Randolph County home listed on the market soon, do give me a call.


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