How To Maximize Your Randolph County NC Home’s Appeal in Property Listings

“Curb appeal” is one of the most used jargons in the real estate industry. Most home sellers know that a home with excellent curb appeal draws in the higher offers.

While the phrase ‘curb appeal’ makes one imagine potential buyers admiring your home from the curb, it is the second word which is more important, the term “appeal.” Appeal is about actively reaching out to attract and bring in potential buyers.

Appeal is created when the seller makes every part of the home presentation an excellent experience, from the first time it is marketed in the Randolph County property listings, to final inspection and closing.

So how do you make this happen in your Randolph County home for sale?

1. See things from the buyer’s perspective. Try to look at Randolph County NC homes for sale from a buyer’s point of view. Does the mix of bright and dark colored rooms in the home make the rooms look detached from each other? The “flow” of a home is important, and you could help achieve this by neutralizing the colors of your home. As you select coherent colors for your home, it makes your home look more appealing instead of looking like a collection of disjointed rooms.

2. Deodorize your home. Even if your Randolph County NC home for sale does well on the property listings, once visitors smell pet odors or the strong smell of cigarettes or the fish you are cooking, this could be a potential turn off for your future buyers. So make sure to deodorize your home. It won’t hurt to add some mildly scented candles and spray a bit of air freshener to key areas in your home too.

3. Clean and declutter. An entire day spent on cleaning, organizing, and removing all the clutter and personal trinkets in your home will be a day well spent with huge pay-offs. A clean and clutter-free home is very appealing and buyers will see more features of your home instead of your personal effects or clutter.

You can’t impress everyone, but doing these tips will definitely set you up for success. If you want to maximize the selling price of your Randolph County NC home for sale, call me today and arrange for a meeting!


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