Part 2: 7 Things They Don’t Tell First Time Randolph County NC Home Buyers

Different people tell home buyers a lot of things. But oftentimes, the most important things are those that are left untold. Here are some of those things that a first-time Randolph County NC home buyer should know:

4. The high cost of remodeling. Before you write an offer for that Randolph County NC home, make sure you have considered the cost of repairing or remodeling the home to make it move-in ready. You may be able to live with some things in the home that you could fix later on, but for most items, make sure to budget at least 20% more than your estimate.

5. The opinion of the bank’s appraiser on how much the home is worth is what matters. Acquiring a loan is not as simple as having a good credit score and a down payment. Your offer must also be able to pass the approval process of the bank before they grant you the loan.

6. A home inspection isn’t necessary but absolutely important. Many home buyers skip this process just because it’s optional and they think they can save hundreds of dollars. But you need to know if the home is structurally safe before you move into it. You might be surprised when damages and defects start popping up once you move in, costing you even hundreds or thousands more than a home inspection. Even if you have a home inspection done, it doesn’t mean there won’t be problems. Even newly built homes will have problems. Make sure you factor in repair and maintenance costs in your budget.

7. Buying your first Randolph County NC home is REALLY stressful! The best advice we could give you for this problem is to relax and expect the unexpected. Expect that some things may not go as you planned or you may not get the exact kind of home you were dreaming of. Avoid being too emotionally attached with a particular home. Detaching yourself emotionally during the home buying process will help you roll with the punches and make decisions that are financially sound.

If you missed the first three items on this article, scroll back to Part 1 or give us a call. We will gladly fill you in on all the essential things a first time Randolph County NC home buyer should know.


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