Budget-Friendly Yard Planning Helps in Randolph County NC Home Sales

As a Randolph County home owner prepares for the sale of their home, they face a number of inevitable tradeoffs. One of the major decisions is how much time and budget to spend on interior and exterior home improvements. Most of the time, the interiors get the most attention in remodelling and renewal but there are actually budget-friendly and simple ways to improve your backyard that will increase your home’s overall appeal. For Randolph County homes for sale, this simple change can turn your “for sale” sign into “sold.”

1. If your Randolph County home has a larger yard, you can install simple pathways made of gravel or bark. Homes with curved pathways look way more interesting than plain yards. A bit of imagination with the landscaping can create interesting “destination” areas even in smaller yards!

2. Choose an architectural rock garden for your landscaping. It works well with any climate. Choose rocks that blend with the natural landscape but bring out the surrounding colors. Add in some brightly colored flowering plants and your yard will instantly turn into a pleasant “destination” area.

3. While your goal is to make your yard look attractive, you should avoid turning it into a high-maintenance project for the next owner of your Randolph County NC home. Homes for sale in Randolph County that feature overly elaborate yard designs and landscaping may turn off some prospective buyers (especially those with children or pets). Keep your yard improvement simple to avoid thoughts of high maintenance costs for the next owner.

If you are preparing your Randolph County home for sale this spring, then call me so we could give you advice on how to increase your Randolph County NC home’s value using budget-friendly techniques.


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