Safety Precautions For Your Randolph County Open House

Having an open house for your Randolph County NC home for sale is a great tool to market your home, but it also exposes your home to strangers. Most Randolph County listing agents are trained to be cautious about any suspicious activities during the open house. As a seller, you too can take some proactive steps to keep your Randolph County home safe during the open house.

  1. Let your neighbors know about the open house. Since you will be away, also let your neighbors know when the open house schedule is and who your Randolph County listing agent is. Ask them to keep an eye for anything suspicious that may happen while you are gone.
  2. Keep your pets secure. Your pets should not be left to freely roam inside your Randolph County home for sale during the open house. Ask your neighbor if they could look after your pets during the open house or secure them in an escape-proof area or cage.
  3. Remove any fragile or breakable items around the home, as well as any hazardous items that the buyers may trip over, step on, or break. Also make sure to child-proof your home by removing harmful items that a prospective buyer’s child might accidentally break or ingest.
  4. Keep your valuables away in a safe place. The exposure that your Randolph County NC home for sale will get is very important in making a sale but removing and keeping away all your valuables like jewelry, expensive items, collector’s items, and cash will lessen the risk of anything being stolen.
  5. Upon returning, make sure to double-check all entrances, gates, doors, and windows if they are locked properly. Some thieves use the open house to check out valuables and possible entry points before they finally execute their plan. So aside from removing your valuables, make sure that all points of entry are secure.

A Randolph County open house is a powerful tool in any Randolph agent’s marketing tactics. By being more cautious and taking these extra steps, you can be assured the open house will go well without any glitches.

If you need help in with your Randolph County home for sale open house, contact Waynette Hoover Araj at  336-953-6526 so I can help you come up with the perfect way to sell your Randolph County home.


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