What Makes a Great Mortgage Broker in Randolph County Homes?

Obtaining a mortgage in Randolph County Homes currently can be more involved than in years past, not least because their historically low rates make them so desirable. That loan could make or break an incredible deal – the kind of deal you don’t want to lose when you come across it! Central towards the process of acquiring a mortgage is your mortgage broker…but how can you tell when you’ve found a great one?

These are generally some of the qualities I think most often point to the answer:

  • Truly outstanding mortgage brokers get plenty of referrals from previous clients and their real-estate agents…while other less well-appreciated or skilled brokers must constantly solicit new business. BUT (a very important ‘but’) that isn’t to say that a mortgage broker who solicits isn’t perfectly well qualified; simply, if you have selected a broker through his marketing, be sure to ask for a few recent references – and speak with them!
  • Getting a mortgage often obligates as much as a third of a household’s income, so it’s essential that it fit properly into the overall financial picture. An excellent mortgage loan officer asks the right questions to find a product that best fits your long-term goals, even when they aren’t the easiest ones to ask.
  • The rules governing mortgage transactions have changed significantly in the last few years – and they were plenty complicated to begin with. Learning much of the process on the fly is part of the challenge facing brokers who are new to the field. When you’re getting a mortgage in Randolph County Homes, if you worry yours will be anything rather than a straightforward process, it may be ideal to look past a newly licensed broker. An easy way to learn how much experience your broker has is to inquire about his work experience over the last 10 years.
  • Getting a mortgage in Randolph County Homes can be complex, but it’s often decisive for your real estate transaction. I’ll be happy to introduce you to some of my established local favorites. It’s one way we’ll be ready to go when we find you the perfect house!

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