Be A Step Ahead in Maintaining Your Randolph County Home For Sale This Summer

Summer is fast approaching and with the end of June almost in sight, most homeowners are thinking more about weekend barbecues and getaways than maintaining their homes.

But for those who are planning on selling their Randolph County NC home this summer, keeping ahead of maintenance issues will definitely help with the sale of their property. Here are some of the key items that you need to do:

  1. Clean your air conditioner. The best time to clean them is before you power them on for the first time. But most of us need to turn on the AC sooner than expected, so few of us are able to clean them up. But sooner is always better than later, so if you are planning to sell your Randolph County home this summer, you will want to make sure that your potential buyers are comfortable at all times. Make sure to leave them with a copy of the owner’s manual with the instructions on how to clean the AC’s coils and fins and how to change filters.
  2. Clear all the clutter. You already know how important this is for selling your Randolph County home for sale, but don’t overlook your winter heating equipment which could also add to the clutter. Store away your portable heaters and while doing so, get the filters from the central furnace and make a note to get replacements the next time you visit the hardware store. This will be a turn on for potential buyers once they see that new replacements are ready for the coming winter and are likely to think that the seller is someone who takes good care of the home and is ahead of maintenance matters.
  3. Clean your windows. Don’t forget to clean the window coverings as well. This may be a task that we hate doing but remember that if you are selling your Randolph County NC home this summer a few extra steps will pay off like making your windows shine. If you have some more time to spare, you could also hose off and clean the screens and lay them out under the summer sun to dry.

Selling your Randolph County home would be less stressful if you are a step ahead with your home’s maintenance. If you need help with the perfect marketing plan for your home, call me so we could discuss how you could get top dollar for your Randolph County home.


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