What Your Randolph County Listings Do Not Show You

Approximately 15%-20% of the homes for sale in America are not listed at all. This might come as a surprise since you may think that with this age of technology, every seller would take advantage of marketing their home for sale with the multiple listing service.

But not all homes make it to the listings. Here are four ways how Randolph County NC listings do not include every home that is really for sale:

1. FSBO. This means “For Sale By Owner,” which makes up 10% of the market. They are not usually listed on the MLS since they could easily be spotted just by driving by the neighborhood. These are the homes with for sale signs on the yard without any logo from a brokerage. There are instances when Randolph County FSBO homes will be listed on the MLS if the seller is offering a commission to buyer’s agents.

2. Pocket Listing. Sometimes, agents will deliberately withhold Randolph County NC listings from the public. There may be several reasons for this. They may wish to keep a certain home for sale for their own company’s clients or they may want to create a feeling of exclusivity for that choice listing. Looking for these types of listings could be a challenge and requires effort and persistence. You would need to search regularly through independent broker’s websites and contact several agents before finding one whose own Randolph County NC real estate network is current and deep.

3. Expired Listing. Once a Randolph County home is not sold within the expected time frame, it usually disappears from the MLS. These expired listings make up most of the invisible home listings that are still for sale. A good Randolph County NC agent will know this and will help you uncover these homes (if they match your requirements) before others do.

4. Closely Held Transaction. These are sales that are already arranged between family members, relatives, neighbors, or business associates and close without appearing on the Randolph County NC home listings. These closely held transactions make up 3% of the market.

If you are ready to look for a Randolph County NC home for sale, I am ready to assist you in looking for the perfect listing, both in the MLS and those hard to find hidden listings. Contact Waynette at 336-953-6526 or visit http://www.RandolphCountyHomes.com


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