Prepping Your Randolph County Home For Sale for a Virtual Tour

Putting up your Randolph County NC home for sale means you have to make every possible effort to market it to the widest market possible. With our modern technology, it is very easy to attract a larger market than ever before, both from across the nation and even the entire globe! I’m not just talking about simply using the world wide web or the MLS here, but using the latest online marketing tool that real estate agents and sellers use: the virtual tour.

Since many sellers are now using this tool, you have to make sure your virtual tour of your Randolph County home for sale stands out from the rest, and that just doesn’t happen by itself.

Here are some basic guidelines in preparing your Randolph County home for sale for an effective virtual tour:

  1. Organize your room and clear the clutter. Sometimes, those personal effects that seem attractive to you will be viewed by potential buyers as clutter. This includes books, ornaments, pictures, and toys. When your home is clutter-free, the potential buyer will be able to picture themselves living in the home more easily.
  2. Move your furniture in ways that will create the appearance of more space and open areas. Move furniture away from the middle of the room and keep them close to the walls. If possible, remove bulky furniture that are not needed and store them away in the basement or some place they will not be seen.
  3. Stick to neutral colors. Taste in color is an individual preference so it would be hard to come up with a color scheme that appeals to almost everyone. While you may love that orange wall, others may see it as too striking and potential buyers may view it as an extra cost for them to repaint or replace. The rule of thumb is “stick to neutral colors.” It’s like a blank canvas where potential buyers can more easily imagine what they would want it to look like.

To have an effective virtual tour, the views of your home must be neat and attractive with only minimal furnishings.

If you need an agent who can help you come up with the best virtual tour of your home for sale in Randolph County NC this summer, give me a call!


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