A Future Randolph County NC Property Buyer Can Boost Bargaining Power

When a Randolph County NC property buyer first sees that single-family properties and condominiums have been getting more expensive, it shouldn’t be a surprise. Across the country, the average sales price still well underneath the record $230,400 attained at the peak of the real estate boom –  however that gap is getting smaller.

If you’re a potential home buyer in Randleman or Asheboro NC, you can do something to improve the circumstance. One of the ways would be to improve your bargaining control – to turn yourself in to a highly suitable buyer from the seller’s perspective.

Present you’re Financially Appealing: Optimize your negotiating strength through getting yourself pre-approved for a home loan. This can be a step beyond basically getting pre-qualified. To become pre-approved, a home loan lender draws your credit score, studies your earnings, financial debt and history of employment, and determines the size of the home mortgage you are able to handle. A seller prefers having a Randleman NC home buyer whose agent is capable of showing a pre-approval letter. It increases the chances that the sale won’t fall in the eleventh hour.

Understand the Randolph County NC Market: You’ll have a much better potential for persuading a seller to reduce the selling price if you’re equipped with the sales prices that comparable homes in the market are getting. If a homeowner is asking $20,000 more than is usual, your agent should be able to provide this fact in negotiations.

Get ready to Offer Something: A seller is generally happier to come down in price when he sees a concession or two from you. A property buyer can, for example, accept a later or earlier closing date to accommodate the seller. You could also accept to disregard some necessary fixes. Particularly on repairs that may require a great deal of time, such a concession may have a significant effect on the final outcome.

Be sensible: Don’t request too much. Requesting sellers to cut off 30% is much more likely to spoil negotiations than reduce the cost.

A property buyer in Randleman or Asheboro NC will still find some great bargains available. With all the short fall selling season upon us, if you’re thinking of buying, call me right now 336-953-6526 to get the search going!


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