3 Tips to Speed Randolph County New Home Prospecting

3 Tips to Speed Randolph County New Home Prospecting

Here are 3 Tips to Speed Randolph County New Home Prospecting. If you plan to be looking for a new home in Asheboro anytime this season, before long you will find yourself having to pare down your list of ‘eligibles’—the properties that you ask your Asheboro NC real estate agent to include on your gotta-see-this-one list.

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 3 Tips to Speed Randolph County New Home Prospecting | Waynette Araj | Listing Agent in Randolph County NC

The better job you do in whittling down that list, the more efficient your tour of properties will be. That’s not just a time-saver, either: the fact is, you’ll be more sharp-eyed and energetic when visiting prospective homes if you don’t waste time and energy on those that you could have eliminated beforehand. Some earmarks:

1. Houses that have been on the market for a long time

Area homes that have been on the market for more than 90 days probably have something about them that’s made them less appealing to buyers. If I am your Asheboro realtor, I will research to find out what the sticking point has been. It could be a factor that doesn’t bother you; if so, you might be in line for a true bargain!

 2. Houses hiding deferred expenses

When you come up with a budget for your new Asheboro home, it’s easy to overlook deferred expenses that might bust that budget—especially if the property is otherwise appealing. Keep your eyes open and red flag areas that seem to indicate unusually deferred maintenance. And be ready to ask your inspector for a professional opinion.

3. Homes with impaired resale potential

Although you won’t be selling your Asheboro new home any time soon, sophisticated buyers will usually try to put themselves in the mindset of a typical future buyer. That’s because they know that sometimes unique, idiosyncratic features that they themselves value can sometimes present obstacles to the average homebuyer. We never know what direction life can take; we may have to consider moving again sooner than expected—and if so, you’ll be happy that you tilted toward a new home with superior mass appeal.

If you’re about to go house hunting this winter, you can count my help as your experienced Asheboro NC realtor. I’m ready to get to work for you! Call me now, Waynette Araj 336-953-6526


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