9 Cheap Ways to Cozy Up Your Randolph County NC Home for Sale in Winter

9 Cheap ways to warm up your Randolph County NC home for sale in winter.

If you are planning on having an open house for your Randolph County NC home for sale this winter, keeping your home warm and cozy can attract more buyers and entice them to stay longer in your home.

You don’t have to spend much on energy bills to do this. Cranking up the thermostat is not the only way to warm up your home.

Here are 9 cheap ways to cozy up your Randolph County NC home for sale this winter that can save you both energy and money:

9 Cheap Ways to Cozy Up Your Randolph County NC Home for Sale in Winter | Waynette Araj

  1. Clean dusty bulbs and dirty light fixtures. This  will brighten your home by 30% and you won’t need to turn on more lights.
  2. Seal up air leaks. Aside from doors and windows, check for leaks around wall outlets, recessed lights, and electrical boxes. One easy way to do this is to light an incense stick or scented candle to check for drafts. At the same time, you also leave behind a nice scent.
  3. Clean your windows. Allow more natural light to come into your home by making sure your window panes are clean and clear.
  4. Change your HVAC filter every few months, or monthly if you have pets, to prevent excess dust from circulating.
  5. Replace your traditional wood or gas fireplace with a gel fireplace insert, which is more eco-friendly since it doesn’t need wood, gas, or electricity, or a chimney. It’s also smoke-free. It costs only $100-$210 for a basic model
  6. Indoor plants. Some indoor plants like gerbera daisies and golden pothos can suck up harmful VOCs (vapors emitted from household cleaners, paints, and dry cleaning.) Plants can decrease the amount of household dust because they increase humidity levels.
  7. Set your thermostat to “fan on” when vacuuming. Leave the fan on for 15 minutes after you finish vacuuming and switch back to auto afterwards. This helps filter the dust that gets unsettled while cleaning. HVAC blowers are not intended to run all the time.
  8. Remove your window screens in the fall and winter. Screens trap dirt and can make your home look darker inside and out and lessen your curb appeal.
  9. Paint chilly rooms, especially walls that do not typically get sunlight, in warm colors like reds, yellows, and oranges. These cozy colors can help make the room feel warmer, according to a Michigan State University study.

Make your Randolph County NC Home for Sale appealing and inviting by keeping it cozy and warm especially in the winter. Buyers will love your home and remember it if you do the extra effort to make them feel comfortable in the colder months, making your home stand out from the rest.

If you’re looking to buy or sell real estate in the Asheboro or Randolph County area, explore the advantages of working with an experienced Randolph County NC Realtor. Contact me, Waynette Araj, today at 336-953-6526.


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