Asheboro NC Home For Sale – 450 Mt Shepherd Rd Ext

Asheboro NC Home For Sale – 450 Mt Shepherd Rd Ext

An exceptionally home for sale in Asheboro NC located on a 1.21 acre lot. Its wood-look vinyl floors are easy-to-clean. It has spacious side and front deck vaulted ceiling. Large gravelled parking area around back. Spacious, level yard. New metal roof installed in 2013. This home in Asheboro is a must-see to appreciate.

Front View

Living Room


Master Bedroom

Master Bath / Spa

Exterior Back

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Asheboro NC Home for Sale – 1247 Sunset Dr

Asheboro NC Home for Sale – 1247 Sunset Dr

 This home for sale in Asheboro NC comes with updated kitchen and baths.
A cottage style home located in Randolph County NC.
This home in Asheboro offers a lot of great features.
Truly a must-see property!

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 1247 Sunset Dr | Front View | Waynette Araj | Asheboro NC RealtorCottage Style Front View

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 1247 Sunset Dr | Living Room | Waynette Araj | Asheboro NC Listing AgentElegant Living Room

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 1247 Sunset Dr | Dining Room | Waynette Araj | Asheboro NC RealtorDining Room

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 1247 Sunset Dr | Kitchen | Waynette Araj | Randolph County RealtorFully Renovated Kitchen

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 1247 Sunset Dr | Breakfast Nook | Waynette Araj | Asheboro NC listing agentBreakfast Nook

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 1247 Sunset Dr | Master Bedroom | Waynette Araj | Asheboro listing agentMaster Bedroom

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Home Prices in Asheboro NC Subject to Unexpected Factors

Home Prices in Asheboro NC Subject to Unexpected Factors

When it comes time to sell your home, you know most of the factors that determine Randolph County home for sale prices. The number of bedrooms, condition of the yard, updating (or not) of the kitchen and bathrooms: they all influence final home prices in Asheboro NC.

But what are some of the lesser-known factors that can drive up Asheboro NC home prices?

Some of them are truly surprising—

The words “Boulevard” or “Avenue” sound somewhat more prestigious than the humble “Street,” so you may not be totally surprised to learn that home sales for properties with these address suffixes are higher. According to a massive (10,000 sales) Trulia study, houses located on a “Boulevard” sold for an average price per square foot of $117, while those on a “Street” sold for only $86. The difference is a breathtaking 36%. Other expensive-sounding address suffixes were “Place” at $110 per square foot, and “Way” at $107. It’s enough to make someone want to go out and paint over the corner street sign…

Home Prices in Asheboro NC Subject to Unexpected Factors | Waynette Araj | Asheboro NC Realtor

Politicians have made smoking an ever-more-expensive habit. Now we can add on its effect on home prices. A Canadian survey conducted by Event One found that homes with at least one regular smoker may result in a predictably lower price. Forty-four percent of the agents surveyed thought that there was at least some effect on home prices, with two-thirds of them placing the amount between 10%-30. A “whopping” 88% said it’s more difficult to sell homes with resident smokers. Cigarette smoke is not the only odoriferous culprit: I would have to agree that dampness, pet and cooking smells can all have an effect on Asheboro NC home sales.

Homes within easy walking distance of schools, shopping, parks and other amenities will draw higher prices. A recent survey “Walking the walk: How walkability raises housing values in US cities” looked at 94,000 real estate transactions in 15 different markets. Homes were rated on a walkability scale of 0 to 100. A score of 70 meant you could get by without needing a car. It was found that (at least in metropolitan areas) a single point increase in the score correlated with a rise in home prices of $500-$3,000.

If you are about to put your Asheboro NC home for sale, you won’t be able change the address suffix or make it more walkable (odor control is another matter). But be it Street, Avenue, or Boulevard, I’d love to provide a no-obligation property valuation for you. Let’s make this spring’s selling season one that fetches your home  the right price! Call me, Waynette Araj 336-953-6526.

Off-Campus Housing as a Real Estate Investment Opportunity in Asheboro NC

Off-Campus Housing as a Real Estate Investment Opportunity in Asheboro NC

It could be considered a magic trick that will have the audience gasping in disbelief: turning one of your child’s college expenses into (drumroll, please)…a profit!

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | Off-Campus Housing as a Real Estate Investment Opportunity in Asheboro NC | Waynette Araj

Setting the stage for this trick will take some doing. Consider the magician to be the parent of a Asheboro NC high school age child. This should be someone who subscribes to the overall philosophy of regarding every potential catastrophe as nothing more than a well-disguised opportunity.

When this magician reads that college tuition and fees are now $22,000-$30,000 per year, and that the average cost of room and board in 2013-2014 will range from $9,500 at a 4-year public college to $10,830 at a private school, he doesn’t quake in terror. Instead, he thinks, “opportunity!

After all, this is someone who sees a lemon and thinks “lemonade,” so when he considers sending a son or daughter off to college, he thinks, “what a terrific real estate investment opportunity!”

Believe it or not, that’s what some parent-magicians have done—although, for sure, it’s a strategy that takes the right props: a combination of institution, neighborhood, child and available capital—plus the willingness to do the homework every good real estate investment takes. With all of them in place, it’s more than possible to actually incubate a long-term gain from an ever-more-expensive college foray.

Buying an investment property that will house your child plus a select crew of roommates can do more than ensure that they have a safe and comfortable place to concentrate on their studies. The calculation is almost as straightforward as any other rental opportunity: for kids who will live away from home, over a four year period, average accommodations will run between $36,000-$42,000. Aside from the offspring’s undying gratitude, that normally comes as a straight loss. If an off-campus residence is acquired as a real estate investment, that same outlay could (presto! chango!) turn into a substantial deposit on a rental property that the family owns.

You don’t have to be Harry Houdini to investigate the benefits any Asheboro NC homes for sale real estate investment can bring—nor one that could magically appear if your high schooler is accepted to an out-of-town college.

The possibility of a real estate investment should always be a card up your sleeve when you think about building your retirement portfolio.  Call me, Waynette Araj 336-953-6526

Developing an On-Target Randolph County Real Estate Listing Price

Developing an On-Target Randolph County Real Estate Listing Price.

There is less guesswork than you might think about establishing an on-target Randolph County real estate listing price. There is really very little mystery:

Developing an On-Target Randolph County Real Estate Listing Price | Waynette Araj | Randolph County NC Listing Agent

Comps and CMAs

When you hear your Realtor™ refer to ‘the comps,’ you probably think of them as the printouts of the Asheboro NC real estate listings which are comparable to your own property. More comprehensively, a CMA, or Comparative Market Analysis, also includes a broad look at pending and completed sales, as well as withdrawn listings. That analysis will also include and account for differentiating factors, such as upgrades you have made to the home, location, and other features that make your home unique.

Market Conditions

Market conditions will also play a strong role in developing a real estate listing price that’s likely to attract serious buyers. If conditions indicate a seller’s market, it means that there aren’t many homes available for sale. Contrarily, if it is a buyer’s market, recent trends show that numerous homes are available for sale, but buyers are in short supply. Other factors can come into play. If an area has become economically depressed, for instance, pricing a home on the higher end of the standard is more likely to result in a higher DOM (days on market).


Getting an appraisal is helpful in nailing down an acceptable real estate listing price. The extra expense provides a highly educated estimate for what today’s market will bear (and also valuable preparation for you are likely to hear when you enter into serious negotiations). It’s also important to remember that the bank’s loan approval will hinge on whether or not the selling price is in excess of the appraised value of the home.

One of the major benefits of working with an Asheboro NC Realtor™ when developing the real estate listing price for your home is the degree of expertise we bring to the process of setting an advantageous listing price. My own years of experience and knowledge of the Randolph County NC market is invaluable when it comes to setting a fair price that spurs buyers to act quickly.  Looking to sell?  Call me today, Waynette Araj 336-953-6526!

Randolph County Property Owners Welcome National Trend

Randolph County Property Owners Welcome National Trend.

Asheboro NC property owners, whether they are single homeowners or large institutions holding multiple rental properties, are members of the same club—at least by one definition. They are all real estate investors, even though not all of them are the kind of Asheboro property owners who keep an  eagle eye trained on the value of their real estate investment portfolio (most of us think of it more as just “home”). Unless they plan to sell sometime soon, today’s asset value, book value, or whatever financial term you are looking at, is pretty much an abstract notion. It only becomes significant in the real world if you set your sights on selling.

Homes for sale in Asheboro NC | Randolph County Property Owners Welcome National Trend | Waynette Araj | Best Realtor in Asheboro NC

Even so, Asheboro property owners may be interested to learn that the past few years’ steady rise in property values nationwide has created the kind of investment opportunity that even Wall Street hasn’t been able to ignore.

Recently there was a conference in ritzy Scottsdale, Arizona, that illustrated the point. It was called the 2013 REO-to-Rental Forum. In their final MarketPulse newsletter of the year, trend-watcher Corelogic observed, “The fact that there are now conferences for single-family residential institutional investors speaks volumes about the increasing maturity of this new investment asset class.

If you are a Asheboro property holder, that’s welcome news. It indicates a number of positive things about the current state of the overall market, and the value of your own property. As CoreLogic points out, although investing in residential real estate is nothing new, what is new is the aggregation of large portfolios of properties under professional management —as well as “the availability of institutional investor capital to fund their acquisition.”

English translation: the smart money thinks single-family residences are a good investment.

Toward the end of the CoreLogic report was the latest year-over-year comparison: 12 ½% growth in home prices— even including distressed sales. It doesn’t take a Wall St. wizard to appreciate that kind of growth!

If the coming months will see you looking to sell (or buy) a Asheboro property, give me a call to discuss the ways I can help you reach your goal. Waynette Araj at 336-953-6526.

Asheboro NC Home Staging: Organization Works Wonders

Asheboro NC Home Staging: Organization Works Wonders

Staging your Asheboro NC home for showings will always be a time-eater. The word itself is indicative: “staging” means transforming your busy household into a theatrical set. In addition to thoroughly cleaning every nook and cranny, it usually means spending on paint and a variety of minor supplies to tweak the production. Then comes the actual visits by potential home buyers, sometimes interrupting your schedule (sometimes with very little notice).

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | Asheboro NC Home Staging: Organization Works Wonders | Waynette Araj | Realtor in Asheboro NC

If you have kids, keeping the staging in pristine condition must clear an extra hurdle. When the kids spill food on the floor (or leave toys underfoot for potential home buyers to trip over), selling your home can turn into a hand-wringing ordeal. It needn’t be. Here are a few sanity-preserving pointers:

Designate one room for the kids

While it may be impossible to totally prevent kids from being messy, we can keep the youthful chaos quarantined to one room. Designate the place in the house that will be the “kid’s area” so that the cleanup in advance of a showing becomes more manageable.

Keep the show towels separate from the real towels

A successful Asheboro staging routine pays special attention to focal points in the kitchen and bathrooms. Both should come as close as possible to a model home’s—which makes it crucial to keep a separate set of unused towels and floor mats to switch in whenever the home is going to be viewed. (There should be no secrets within a family, except maybe for this one: make sure the kids don’t know where you hide the show towels!)

Clear the “stage”

There are many items we keep handy that aren’t essential for day-to-day living. Whether it is unnecessary pieces of furniture or extra boxes full of toys for the children, these things combine to contribute to a sense of cluttered spaces. Stashing as much clutter as possible in a temporary storage unit will make your staging cleanup jobs much easier. It will also contribute to the clean uncluttered appearance home buyers find appealing.

Thinking of selling your home in Asheboro this winter?  I have a marketing plan for this season’s market ready to go – call me today, Waynette Araj at 336-953-6526!