Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 401 Pinewood Rd, Asheboro, NC 27205

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 401 Pinewood Rd, Asheboro, NC 27205

Experience the excitement of life in the fairway in this Asheboro NC home for sale. This lovely 2 story traditional home that has been lovingly updated has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, and overlooks Fairway #1 of Pinewood Country Club—a truly refreshing and amazing view especially for the golf enthusiast.

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 401 Pinewood Rd | Front view of this lovely home in Asheboro.

Even before you step within the confines of this home for sale in Asheboro NC, you will instantly be awed by the splendid view of the lake from the front yard and then by the lush and green surroundings that envelope the rest of the home.

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 401 Pinewood Rd | Backyard view

As you go in, you will be welcomed by a very cozy yet classy formal living room. The spacious layout together with the cool combination of colors and ambient lighting makes this a perfect place for you to either lounge around and read a book or to entertain any guest that you wish to welcome to your abode.

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 401 Pinewood Rd | Living Room

This home is equipped with an amazing eat-in kitchen. The kitchen is very spacious and has all the counter space you need for making any gastronomic concoction that come into mind. It has beautifully crafted solid-surface counters and an elegant tile back splash to complement the design.

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 401 Pinewood Rd | Kitchen

Equally as impressive is the formal dining room where you can proudly serve hearty meals to any of your family and friends. This is another great place in this wonderful home for you to enjoy the company of those closest to your heart.

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 401 Pinewood Rd | Dining Room

This Asheboro NC home for sale also has an elegantly designed den that has a masonry fireplace with gas logs. This room can easily function as a family room for you to make wonderful playtime memories with the kids or even as an entertainment center for your you and your guests.

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 401 Pinewood Rd | Den/Family/Great Room

The master bedroom is as spacious as it is cozy. The large windows make way for a lot of soothing natural light and also allows for a splendid view outside. Day or night, your bedroom is truly a place for rest and relaxation.

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 401 Pinewood Rd | Master Bedroom

The master bathroom is also gracefully designed. The granite counter-tops matched with its quality tiling and color scheme give this bathroom a very classy feel—a wonderful place to freshen up in the morning or to shower away the stress after a long day’s work.

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 401 Pinewood Rd | Master Bath/Spa

To the back of this home is a lovely screened porch. This is a perfect place to hang out especially on sunny afternoons and have great conversations with your friends and family over coffee or tea.

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 401 Pinewood Rd | Screened Porch

Everything that you could ever want to raise your family and live a wonderful and exciting lifestyle can be found in this Asheboro NC home for sale.

Don’t miss the chance to own this lovely home across the fairway. To know more about this wonderful home, call me, Waynette Araj, at 336-953-6526.


How To Plan for a Smooth Relocation to Randolph County NC

Anyone who has experienced relocating can attest that no matter how much planning or careful thought you’ve put in, when that day comes, some unexpected things still happen. Like when you find out that the list of local contact information you prepared and need on that day more than any other is packed and sealed in one of the boxes that are already in the van!

When you are relocating to or from Randolph County NC, unexpected things will always happen. But there are ways you can control some areas that will affect how successful your relocation will be:

1. Decide early how to announce to family and friends your timetable for moving and how to involve them. With a little creativity and careful planning, you could turn events like garage sales and send-off parties into fun and memorable celebrations for the family.

2. Put all vital and important documents and belongings in a box like birth certificates, passports, titles, jewelry, and other prized belongings and make sure to label this box so you won’t have a hard time looking for it in the future.

3. Hire a dependable moving company. Don’t sacrifice price for the security of your belongings during your relocation. INterview each company and check their reputation from referrals or past clients. Getting insurance is also a good idea for unforeseen risks that may happen along the way.

Careful planning can make your move less stressful and allow you to enjoy the anticipation of a new chapter and in your life in a new place.

If you have already sold your Randolph County NC home, congratulations. But if you are just beginning with the process of selling your home, give me a call and we will help you get thing moving!

Web Appeal Is the New Curb Appeal for Randolph County NC Homes For Sale

Remember what life used to be like before cellphones and the Internet? It was fairly simple. When a phone rings, you don’t need to rummage through your couch because you know your phone is only in one place – plugged into your wall. It took only less than 10 minutes to check out all the shows on TV since there wasn’t any cable yet. Those were the good old days.

In real estate, gone are the simple good old days, too, when all you had was the newspaper listings or relied on flyers from agents to look for a home.

In today’s market, we have to accept that the fastest way to a buyer is no longer through newspapers or flyers but through the Internet.

It’s the online listings that sell.

Potential buyers looking for Randolph County NC homes look to the web first and foremost.

Those attractive Randolph County NC listings are the seller and agent’s best chance to attract potential viewings from interested buyers, which would then lead to the sale.

So how can you help your agent boost the Randolph County real estate listings?

The best way is to set the stage for the home you are selling.

Photographs would be your best tools for online listings, so stage your home before taking pictures of it. Professional photographers know too well that the viewer’s eye is easily distracted by anything out of place like one window with a blind higher than the others or a dog bowl in a corner.

Buyers will mostly check out Randolph County listings online before scheduling visits. The wealth of information available on the web saves them time, money, and effort in viewing homes since it narrows down their search for Randolph County NC listings.

If you are selling your Randolph County NC home, make sure your online listing attracts those savvy buyers searching online.

If you are ready to set the stage for Randolph County NC home for sale this spring, call me and I’ll help make an attractive marketing plan for you that the buyers out there won’t be able to resist!

Wider Choices For First-Time Randolph County NC Home Buyers

The idea of buying “starter homes” began after World War II, with new low-cost developments attracting millions of young families with the idea of easily owning their first home, which was the symbolic first step towards realizing the American Dream.

But with the current market going up and down and up again, first-time Randolph County NC homebuyers are a lot less predictable. The economic recession of the previous years made a huge impact on decreasing the number of Randolph County NC home buyers, but with today’s historically low interest rates and record-low affordable Randolph County home prices, home buyers now have the opportunity to purchase bigger and more spacious homes and skip the starter home phase altogether.

But the market has not entirely abandoned the concept of starter homes, especially if you consider Randolph County NC REO and foreclosure fixer-upper properties as cheaper alternatives for young families, along with the FHA 203k loan which gives these homebuyers a built-in budget for “limited repair” to encourage them in that direction.

But new and first-time homebuyers now have other choices at hand including larger older homes and choices of newer Randolph County NC townhomes and condominiums.

If the low interest rates and affordable home prices still aren’t enough to stimulate the market to buy homes, then the trend toward rising home prices could just do the trick. Buyers need to take advantage of these low prices and mortgage rates now because it seems they are not here to stay, as inventories of the best deals begin to decrease and the mortgage rates may soon go up again. For Randolph County NC home sellers who are waiting to move up, the same factors could make this spring’s housing market the best time to sell.

This all boils down to how Randolph County home buyers should keep an open mind when it comes to the wide range of properties now available to them. By getting the help of an expert Randolph County NC agent, the widest choice of homes will be available to you.

If you are looking for the most updated advice on the Randolph County real estate market, I’m just a call away to give you the tools you need to arrive at the best decision for your first ever home, and every home after!

Part 2: 7 Things They Don’t Tell First Time Randolph County NC Home Buyers

Different people tell home buyers a lot of things. But oftentimes, the most important things are those that are left untold. Here are some of those things that a first-time Randolph County NC home buyer should know:

4. The high cost of remodeling. Before you write an offer for that Randolph County NC home, make sure you have considered the cost of repairing or remodeling the home to make it move-in ready. You may be able to live with some things in the home that you could fix later on, but for most items, make sure to budget at least 20% more than your estimate.

5. The opinion of the bank’s appraiser on how much the home is worth is what matters. Acquiring a loan is not as simple as having a good credit score and a down payment. Your offer must also be able to pass the approval process of the bank before they grant you the loan.

6. A home inspection isn’t necessary but absolutely important. Many home buyers skip this process just because it’s optional and they think they can save hundreds of dollars. But you need to know if the home is structurally safe before you move into it. You might be surprised when damages and defects start popping up once you move in, costing you even hundreds or thousands more than a home inspection. Even if you have a home inspection done, it doesn’t mean there won’t be problems. Even newly built homes will have problems. Make sure you factor in repair and maintenance costs in your budget.

7. Buying your first Randolph County NC home is REALLY stressful! The best advice we could give you for this problem is to relax and expect the unexpected. Expect that some things may not go as you planned or you may not get the exact kind of home you were dreaming of. Avoid being too emotionally attached with a particular home. Detaching yourself emotionally during the home buying process will help you roll with the punches and make decisions that are financially sound.

If you missed the first three items on this article, scroll back to Part 1 or give us a call. We will gladly fill you in on all the essential things a first time Randolph County NC home buyer should know.

Financing Ideas for Randolph County NC Investment Properties

Financially savvy people are now setting their eyes again on real estate trends. Real estate offers long term potential than those get-rich quick schemes on TV. Building long-term wealth involves patience and focus – coupled with the right opportunity. The real estate market now is offering just that right opportunity for one to build long-term wealth.

If you are considering investment properties in Randolph County NC, then there are actually various financing options for you.

The first and foremost idea people think of when it comes to financing Randolph County NC investment properties is finding a mortgage. But since the lending market is still recovering from the recession, expect that it may take a while before the usual 20%-30% down payment decreases.

You could also set up a self-directed IRA in order to use your existing savings to make investments. The profits generated by the investments coming out of your IRA will stay there and even grow tax-free until you retire. But before you try out this type of financing, make sure you seek advice of a professional financial advisor or a tax attorney, since there are limitations to this type of financing.

For those who are 62 years and above, an idea that is not well known is the reverse mortgage. The idea is to let you gain equity on the Randolph County NC home you own without needing to sell it. The difference of a reverse mortgage wit a regular mortgage is that the equity need not be repaid until the mortgaged home is sold or the borrower dies. It may be repaid with the interest without any penalty any time.

To get more information on these financing ideas that will best suit your needs, you will need the help of a licensed financial counselor. If you feel that this is the right time for you to start investing in real estate, contact me for some of the best investment properties in Randolph County NC.

Spring Cleaning Helps Randolph County NC Home Values

Spring officially starts on the 20th of March. On this day, many homeowners will start doing their ritual spring-cleaning. Spring also signals the start of the real estate market’s busy season, which means homeowners must do everything they can to protect their Randolph County NC home values.

Spring-cleaning is actually more than just a ritual, it does more than clean and repair the home. It actually safeguards the home’s value. So here are some items you shouldn’t forget to include in your spring-cleaning list:

1. Roof. Survey your roof for damage. Debris such as leaves and twigs that clogged the gutters may have caused moisture to penetrate the roofing and trigger molding or rotting underneath. Look for holes or rust in the metal seals around the joints of your roof or flashings, chimneys, skylights, or any other items that go through the roof.

2. Basement and foundation. Check your basement and underneath the home for puddles left by the spring rains. Your home’s foundation must remain dry even if it is raining outside. Water damage greatly affects Randolph County NC homes’ values. Once you notice the first signs of damage, call an expert and have it repaired immediately.

3. Drains. Clean all your drains at least twice or thrice a year to avoid the plumbing getting backed-up. Check your garbage disposal, too. One simple tip for cleaning using simple household items are to mix equal parts vinegar, baking soda, and salt and pour it down the drain followed with 2 quarts of water after 30 seconds. Let the mixture soak overnight before running water again.

Protecting your Randolph County NC home will make a huge difference in the value of your property come the busy season in selling homes. But you don’t have to wait until you sell your home before doing these regular maintenance checks on your home. If you have a property-related concern, call me!