Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 401 Pinewood Rd, Asheboro, NC 27205

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 401 Pinewood Rd, Asheboro, NC 27205

Experience the excitement of life in the fairway in this Asheboro NC home for sale. This lovely 2 story traditional home that has been lovingly updated has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, and overlooks Fairway #1 of Pinewood Country Club—a truly refreshing and amazing view especially for the golf enthusiast.

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 401 Pinewood Rd | Front view of this lovely home in Asheboro.

Even before you step within the confines of this home for sale in Asheboro NC, you will instantly be awed by the splendid view of the lake from the front yard and then by the lush and green surroundings that envelope the rest of the home.

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 401 Pinewood Rd | Backyard view

As you go in, you will be welcomed by a very cozy yet classy formal living room. The spacious layout together with the cool combination of colors and ambient lighting makes this a perfect place for you to either lounge around and read a book or to entertain any guest that you wish to welcome to your abode.

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 401 Pinewood Rd | Living Room

This home is equipped with an amazing eat-in kitchen. The kitchen is very spacious and has all the counter space you need for making any gastronomic concoction that come into mind. It has beautifully crafted solid-surface counters and an elegant tile back splash to complement the design.

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 401 Pinewood Rd | Kitchen

Equally as impressive is the formal dining room where you can proudly serve hearty meals to any of your family and friends. This is another great place in this wonderful home for you to enjoy the company of those closest to your heart.

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 401 Pinewood Rd | Dining Room

This Asheboro NC home for sale also has an elegantly designed den that has a masonry fireplace with gas logs. This room can easily function as a family room for you to make wonderful playtime memories with the kids or even as an entertainment center for your you and your guests.

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 401 Pinewood Rd | Den/Family/Great Room

The master bedroom is as spacious as it is cozy. The large windows make way for a lot of soothing natural light and also allows for a splendid view outside. Day or night, your bedroom is truly a place for rest and relaxation.

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 401 Pinewood Rd | Master Bedroom

The master bathroom is also gracefully designed. The granite counter-tops matched with its quality tiling and color scheme give this bathroom a very classy feel—a wonderful place to freshen up in the morning or to shower away the stress after a long day’s work.

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 401 Pinewood Rd | Master Bath/Spa

To the back of this home is a lovely screened porch. This is a perfect place to hang out especially on sunny afternoons and have great conversations with your friends and family over coffee or tea.

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 401 Pinewood Rd | Screened Porch

Everything that you could ever want to raise your family and live a wonderful and exciting lifestyle can be found in this Asheboro NC home for sale.

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Asheboro NC Home For Sale – 450 Mt Shepherd Rd Ext

Asheboro NC Home For Sale – 450 Mt Shepherd Rd Ext

An exceptionally home for sale in Asheboro NC located on a 1.21 acre lot. Its wood-look vinyl floors are easy-to-clean. It has spacious side and front deck vaulted ceiling. Large gravelled parking area around back. Spacious, level yard. New metal roof installed in 2013. This home in Asheboro is a must-see to appreciate.

Front View

Living Room


Master Bedroom

Master Bath / Spa

Exterior Back

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Asheboro NC Homes For Sale Prices: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Asheboro NC Homes For Sale Prices: Looking Back, Looking Forward.

As reflected in the near-record national rise in home prices, owners of Asheboro NC homes for sale as a whole had much to cheer about in 2013. According to the S&P Case-Shiller Index, home prices increased 13.6% from October 2012—and in fact, they’ve been improving at a faster annual rate in each month for almost two years!

Asheboro NC Homes For Sale Prices - Looking Back, Looking Forward | Waynette Araj | Real Estate Agent in Asheboro NC

Every expert I researched agreed that this rate of increase won’t (and, for the health of the market, shouldn’t) continue at that gravity-defying pace in 2014. Most of them do predict higher interest rates with a slower (but steady) rise in home prices. Adding to the overall optimism is last week’s RealtyTrac report that showed foreclosure filings last year weighing in with the lowest annual number in 7 years. That’s that: the recovery has happened!

Some potential Asheboro Homes For Sale buyers have been reluctant to enter the market at all due to memories of the last decade’s real estate bust. Their fears may be dissipated if Dow Jones Index Chief David Blitzer’s analysis is heeded. The economist has shown that the previous market price top was accompanied by a 60% loan-to-value ratio: a speculative bubble in home prices. Today, loan-to-value has shrunk to less than 50%: not even close to “bubble” territory.

Asheboro NC homes for sale prices might get a boost from another quarter, too, as prospective buyers realize how expensive their hesitation has become. According to website Trulia, the cost of home ownership was 35% cheaper than renting—at least in major cities. And even despite rising prices and interest rates, homeownership should continue to be more affordable than renting throughout 2014.

While lending criteria are expected to loosen in 2014, it’s likely that many first-time home buyers will continue to find it difficult enter the market. So existing homeowners should be even more important participants in 2014. Having enjoyed large gains in 2013 (and having already surmounted the down payment hurdle), this group is expected to dominate among homebuyers.

If you are watching Asheboro NC homes for sale prices with a view to buying or selling, I hope you will contact me to go over the numbers that are relevant to you. Call me now and let’s talk about your options, Waynette Araj 336-953-6526.

Randolph County Property Owners Welcome National Trend

Randolph County Property Owners Welcome National Trend.

Asheboro NC property owners, whether they are single homeowners or large institutions holding multiple rental properties, are members of the same club—at least by one definition. They are all real estate investors, even though not all of them are the kind of Asheboro property owners who keep an  eagle eye trained on the value of their real estate investment portfolio (most of us think of it more as just “home”). Unless they plan to sell sometime soon, today’s asset value, book value, or whatever financial term you are looking at, is pretty much an abstract notion. It only becomes significant in the real world if you set your sights on selling.

Homes for sale in Asheboro NC | Randolph County Property Owners Welcome National Trend | Waynette Araj | Best Realtor in Asheboro NC

Even so, Asheboro property owners may be interested to learn that the past few years’ steady rise in property values nationwide has created the kind of investment opportunity that even Wall Street hasn’t been able to ignore.

Recently there was a conference in ritzy Scottsdale, Arizona, that illustrated the point. It was called the 2013 REO-to-Rental Forum. In their final MarketPulse newsletter of the year, trend-watcher Corelogic observed, “The fact that there are now conferences for single-family residential institutional investors speaks volumes about the increasing maturity of this new investment asset class.

If you are a Asheboro property holder, that’s welcome news. It indicates a number of positive things about the current state of the overall market, and the value of your own property. As CoreLogic points out, although investing in residential real estate is nothing new, what is new is the aggregation of large portfolios of properties under professional management —as well as “the availability of institutional investor capital to fund their acquisition.”

English translation: the smart money thinks single-family residences are a good investment.

Toward the end of the CoreLogic report was the latest year-over-year comparison: 12 ½% growth in home prices— even including distressed sales. It doesn’t take a Wall St. wizard to appreciate that kind of growth!

If the coming months will see you looking to sell (or buy) a Asheboro property, give me a call to discuss the ways I can help you reach your goal. Waynette Araj at 336-953-6526.

Asheboro NC Home Staging: Organization Works Wonders

Asheboro NC Home Staging: Organization Works Wonders

Staging your Asheboro NC home for showings will always be a time-eater. The word itself is indicative: “staging” means transforming your busy household into a theatrical set. In addition to thoroughly cleaning every nook and cranny, it usually means spending on paint and a variety of minor supplies to tweak the production. Then comes the actual visits by potential home buyers, sometimes interrupting your schedule (sometimes with very little notice).

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | Asheboro NC Home Staging: Organization Works Wonders | Waynette Araj | Realtor in Asheboro NC

If you have kids, keeping the staging in pristine condition must clear an extra hurdle. When the kids spill food on the floor (or leave toys underfoot for potential home buyers to trip over), selling your home can turn into a hand-wringing ordeal. It needn’t be. Here are a few sanity-preserving pointers:

Designate one room for the kids

While it may be impossible to totally prevent kids from being messy, we can keep the youthful chaos quarantined to one room. Designate the place in the house that will be the “kid’s area” so that the cleanup in advance of a showing becomes more manageable.

Keep the show towels separate from the real towels

A successful Asheboro staging routine pays special attention to focal points in the kitchen and bathrooms. Both should come as close as possible to a model home’s—which makes it crucial to keep a separate set of unused towels and floor mats to switch in whenever the home is going to be viewed. (There should be no secrets within a family, except maybe for this one: make sure the kids don’t know where you hide the show towels!)

Clear the “stage”

There are many items we keep handy that aren’t essential for day-to-day living. Whether it is unnecessary pieces of furniture or extra boxes full of toys for the children, these things combine to contribute to a sense of cluttered spaces. Stashing as much clutter as possible in a temporary storage unit will make your staging cleanup jobs much easier. It will also contribute to the clean uncluttered appearance home buyers find appealing.

Thinking of selling your home in Asheboro this winter?  I have a marketing plan for this season’s market ready to go – call me today, Waynette Araj at 336-953-6526!

3 Tips to Speed Randolph County New Home Prospecting

3 Tips to Speed Randolph County New Home Prospecting

Here are 3 Tips to Speed Randolph County New Home Prospecting. If you plan to be looking for a new home in Asheboro anytime this season, before long you will find yourself having to pare down your list of ‘eligibles’—the properties that you ask your Asheboro NC real estate agent to include on your gotta-see-this-one list.

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 3 Tips to Speed Randolph County New Home Prospecting | Waynette Araj | Listing Agent in Randolph County NC

The better job you do in whittling down that list, the more efficient your tour of properties will be. That’s not just a time-saver, either: the fact is, you’ll be more sharp-eyed and energetic when visiting prospective homes if you don’t waste time and energy on those that you could have eliminated beforehand. Some earmarks:

1. Houses that have been on the market for a long time

Area homes that have been on the market for more than 90 days probably have something about them that’s made them less appealing to buyers. If I am your Asheboro realtor, I will research to find out what the sticking point has been. It could be a factor that doesn’t bother you; if so, you might be in line for a true bargain!

 2. Houses hiding deferred expenses

When you come up with a budget for your new Asheboro home, it’s easy to overlook deferred expenses that might bust that budget—especially if the property is otherwise appealing. Keep your eyes open and red flag areas that seem to indicate unusually deferred maintenance. And be ready to ask your inspector for a professional opinion.

3. Homes with impaired resale potential

Although you won’t be selling your Asheboro new home any time soon, sophisticated buyers will usually try to put themselves in the mindset of a typical future buyer. That’s because they know that sometimes unique, idiosyncratic features that they themselves value can sometimes present obstacles to the average homebuyer. We never know what direction life can take; we may have to consider moving again sooner than expected—and if so, you’ll be happy that you tilted toward a new home with superior mass appeal.

If you’re about to go house hunting this winter, you can count my help as your experienced Asheboro NC realtor. I’m ready to get to work for you! Call me now, Waynette Araj 336-953-6526

Smoothing the Way in Marketing Your Asheboro NC Home For Sale

Smoothing the Way in Marketing Your Asheboro NC Home For Sale.

The signs are positive for those who will be putting their home on the Asheboro NC market this winter. Demand is there, mortgage rates are still low, and across the nation, prices are pointing higher. If you will be prepping your Asheboro NC home for sale anytime soon, there are some extra steps you can take to strengthen your position.

Smoothing the way in Marketing Your Asheboro NC Home For Sale | Waynette Araj | Asheboro NC Listing Agent

Clarify Your Finances

Getting a home loan will be the concern of the buyer, not you. She or he will have to fill out the forms, go through the credit checks, etc. More subtle is the impact your own financial picture can have on the process of selling a home. If you will be moving to a new home yourself, it’s a good idea to get pre-qualified for that transaction even as you begin selling your Asheboro NC home. When you are secure in the knowledge that you have qualified to buy your next home before your current property is sold, it solidifies your bargaining position. If not, you need to know that so you can time your sale’s closing appropriately. Knowledge is power—clarifying your finances will make for smoother sailing.

Repair Early

Selling a home for the best price requires presenting it in its most favorable light. Even minor fixes that are clearly trivial should be tackled before the first prospect crosses the threshold, First impressions are hard to erase, and the psychological impact of even minor problems can influence the apparent value your Asheboro NC property commands. Some experienced homeowners even pay for their own advance inspection before selling a home just to identify problem areas it takes an expert’s eye to uncover.

Find the Right Agent

Your choice of Realtor® will have ongoing consequences, so taking the time and effort to find a compatible agent will be well worthwhile. Preparing to stage your  Asheboro NC home for sale is a many-faceted project, so find a partner you will enjoy working with— one who communicates openly and honestly about everything from today’s market profile to which Asheboro NC service professionals are the most dependable.

Thinking of selling a home in Asheboro NC this winter?  Call me, Waynette Araj 336-953-6526 for consultation.  I’m always here to offer the best current marketing ideas!