July 4th 2015 Fireworks and Events in Asheboro – Where to go and What to do

The American Flag

The American Flag

Happy Birthday, America!

If you’re like me and my family – you are staying local this July 4th holiday. In my opinion, the LAST thing I want to do is share a section of beach with 100,000 of my closest friends. I’ll stay home and celebrate, thank you very much.

But, what to do?  We’ll be attending one of these local activities to commemorate our nation’s birthday:

July 4th:  Once again, there will be fireworks at McCrary Park after the Copperheads game!! The Copperheads will host the Holly Springs Salamanders. The game starts at 7:05 pm. Fireworks commence after the game, usually just after 9 pm. McCrary Park is located in Asheboro at 138 Southway Rd.

July 4th:  Fireworks at Creekside Park in Archdale! There will be family fun with fireworks, live music, craft and food vendors, pony rides, and carnival rides for all ages. Creekside Park is in Archdale, just off South 311.

July 4th:   In Denton from 8AM – 9PM, the 45th Annual Southeast Old Thresher’s Reunion will feature crafts, antique tractors, live music and food, with a fireworks display at dusk.

Whatever you choose to do, I hope it’s filled with fun! Happy Independence Day!


3 Tips to Speed Randolph County New Home Prospecting

3 Tips to Speed Randolph County New Home Prospecting

Here are 3 Tips to Speed Randolph County New Home Prospecting. If you plan to be looking for a new home in Asheboro anytime this season, before long you will find yourself having to pare down your list of ‘eligibles’—the properties that you ask your Asheboro NC real estate agent to include on your gotta-see-this-one list.

Asheboro NC Home for Sale | 3 Tips to Speed Randolph County New Home Prospecting | Waynette Araj | Listing Agent in Randolph County NC

The better job you do in whittling down that list, the more efficient your tour of properties will be. That’s not just a time-saver, either: the fact is, you’ll be more sharp-eyed and energetic when visiting prospective homes if you don’t waste time and energy on those that you could have eliminated beforehand. Some earmarks:

1. Houses that have been on the market for a long time

Area homes that have been on the market for more than 90 days probably have something about them that’s made them less appealing to buyers. If I am your Asheboro realtor, I will research to find out what the sticking point has been. It could be a factor that doesn’t bother you; if so, you might be in line for a true bargain!

 2. Houses hiding deferred expenses

When you come up with a budget for your new Asheboro home, it’s easy to overlook deferred expenses that might bust that budget—especially if the property is otherwise appealing. Keep your eyes open and red flag areas that seem to indicate unusually deferred maintenance. And be ready to ask your inspector for a professional opinion.

3. Homes with impaired resale potential

Although you won’t be selling your Asheboro new home any time soon, sophisticated buyers will usually try to put themselves in the mindset of a typical future buyer. That’s because they know that sometimes unique, idiosyncratic features that they themselves value can sometimes present obstacles to the average homebuyer. We never know what direction life can take; we may have to consider moving again sooner than expected—and if so, you’ll be happy that you tilted toward a new home with superior mass appeal.

If you’re about to go house hunting this winter, you can count my help as your experienced Asheboro NC realtor. I’m ready to get to work for you! Call me now, Waynette Araj 336-953-6526

FSBO Sellers Can Find a Path to the Asheboro NC Multiple Listings

FSBO Sellers Can Find a Path to the Asheboro NC Multiple Listings. If you’re intending to have your Asheboro NC home for sale “For Sale By Owner” (most widely known as “FSBO”) in Asheboro NC this season, it’ll be imperative that you give some serious consideration to the MLS. “MLS” (Multiple Listing Service) is the data source employed and updated by real-estate specialists and industry associations. It’s utilized to manage and advertise available listings for all considering purchasing a house. Having access to any MLS system is limited to Asheboro real estate agents and brokers, because they are registered, insured, and have been trained in proper use of the technically-complex system.

In today’s digital era, FSBO sellers who made a decision to just set up a lawn sign and publicize in Asheboro NC classified ads put themselves at a challenging drawback. Yet if you attempt to sell your home on your own as an Asheboro NC FSBO, there are methods you can get your home part of the Multiple Listing Service.

A good way to get yourself a listing in MLS systems is as simple as enrolling on one of the FSBO internet sites, like ForSalebyOwner.com (that features a “Find a Pro” tab on its webpage!). Websites like these usually sell a number of different deals, which includes various uses of MLS, with up-charges for such things as extra photos or infinite listing times.

When preparing your listing, you’ll want appealing, professional-quality images; a specific, brief selling outline; and precise metrics together with your address, how many bedrooms and bathrooms, square feet, lot size, etc. Accuracy and reliability here is very important – legal cases have been effectively pursued against owners who give erroneous square footage or other metrics. (blocked already? Your tax details usually include the needed information).

Additionally, you will need all of the legally expected disclosures – and, obviously – a selling price supportable by latest and correct comps.

In case that appears like a lot – just to handle the listing, significantly less the entire selling process – you’re one of many. If you’d rather stress less about having your home sold and concentrate more about finding your next one, employing an Asheboro listing agent is always an alternative. If you’re getting ready to sell your property in Asheboro NC this season – FSBO or not – I welcome your concerns anytime! Call me, Waynette Araj 336-953-6526.

Rising Market + Low Rates = Timely Opportunity


For most of us, the thought of purchasing a second home has constantly appeared an inviting long-term investment idea, but…

First, clearly there was the high-priced market. Affordable home loan rates were obtainable, but the most fascinating Asheboro second home opportunities were often…just a little too pricey. Then emerged the real estate swoon that started in 2005: a significant industry change which had monetary experts (the very first time in memory) illuminating scepticism about the stability of real estate – first home, second home, any home – as an investment.

Those times might be fortunately behind us, but…the memory of dropping values can potentially bypass true growing values, even though they are obvious in today’s market.

As soon as you get rid of the emotionally charged ride of history decade’s surge, drop, and current change – a solid point can be produced that what we are experiencing this season could possibly turn out becoming your best opportunity to grab an awesome Asheboro second home buy. Regardless of whether that house would function as a holiday getaway home, revenue producer, long-term equity-builder (or any combination of the above), now’s the best time for examining the prospects.

The reasoning is simple. In a flat market place – or one that just appreciates at the rate of rising cost of living – a second home investment is usually regarded as appropriate for that marginally risk-averse. It’s the contrary in a dropping market, when second home investments appear to consist of a chancier undertaking.

However today’s scenario doesn’t seem like either. Furthermore, as it’s an early purchase in a growing market that stands to pay for the highest payouts – this is a season which could make the type of investment dividends that afterwards has witnesses hitting their foreheads and saying, “I looked over that spot when I might have purchased it for…” Add in today’s still traditionally low home loan rates, and there’s sufficient answer why your “some day” second home buy might much better become “this day”!

The one thing that’s certain: excellent deals for a second home in Asheboro are out there. Call me any time to look over the opportunities!  Waynette Araj – 336-953-6526

Eye-Catching Headlines Increase Leads for Promoting Your Asheboro Home

If you’re considering selling your home in Asheboro this summer, you’re more likely to have previously considered various methods to making it stay ahead of other homes. Are you going to repaint in the entryway? Stage the living areas? Should you update the home equipment – or leave them as is to maintain the selling price as low as possible?

Those are common critical choices, and I would be happy to offer suggestions about how each are prone to have an impact to your sales effort. There is additionally a less visible aspect you may not have thought about: the outcome the text of your advertising and marketing may have on your marketing and – possibly – the general outcomes. The disciplined way sale listings are displayed have a tendency to convey all of them with a likeness that won’t be justified. Conquering that impact could make your concept draw attention…and potential customers.

Based on real estate investment conversion content specialist Karen Hutton, next to the main image, the heading is everything. Hutton’s territory is Queensland, Australia, which goes to demonstrate how general marketing and advertising truths are. Says Hutton of the headline tactic, “It must arouse curiosity, use meaningful specifics…and be intriguing.”

Some of my favorites noted on her marketing website?

  • Keep Your Cool: Coffee Just Around The Corner

I’m not sure what this implies – it’s why I’d have to read through the ad!

  • Designer Retreat In The Heart Of Town

An excellent union of two sales points in just seven words

  • Go Slow: A Home For Relaxing and Entertaining

A lifestyle pitch that sounds entirely credible

  • An Urban Getaway To Complement Nature

Instant appeal to city-dwellers who wish they could live in the country

  • Good Bones: Ready For Your Inner Designer

 Clever way to avoid the negative sound of ‘fixer-upper’

If you’re considering selling your home in Asheboro this summer, I’ve got a host of additional resources for ideas for generating standout marketing created to get your home S-O-L-D. Get in touch today to plan a strategy-building session. There’s no obligation, and the ideas we discuss will make a major difference to the way you approach the many options that are instantly available in today’s market!

Buying a House in Asheboro is All About the Long Haul

Purchasing a house the very first time! This means you’ll be joining the club: the home ownership club that Americans have customarily thought to be symbolic of the highest local community membership. It’s an exhilarating opportunity – one which brings in a totally new arena of delight, maturity…and of a truly key responsibility.

It’s the exhibit of accountability that’s the key reason why owning a home grants automatic respect from your neighborhood. It is, in the end, distinctive proof of long-term security, as well as dedication to cope with the long term with all it holds – known and unknown. That commitment is one thing all homeowners share.

These days, purchasing a house in Asheboro means getting into a shifting market. Still-historically low interest continue, but now they have began to rise. Wider financing prospects are enhancing together with that rise (which is the best part about it). But specifically for first-time buyers, it should also show that it is doubly vital that you think of the long run, and to let extreme care and discretion lead to a buying decision that will end up being the correct choice for the future.

What this means when buying a house in Asheboro, particularly when taking advantage of an attractive flexible rate of interest (ARM) loan, is to plan for the possibility that your repayments could eventually increase. Before you take advantage of a good deal, think about whether you’ll be able to handle monthly repayments if they jump by 1, 2 – even 3%. While it’s natural to anticipate that your family revenue will expand over the years and professional experience increases, mindful buyers maintain their budget consistent with actual existing finances. And they make hard-headed estimations of the upkeep expenditures that accompanies home ownership.

If the recent seven years have shown something about buying a house, it’s the benefit of tempering optimism with realism. I’m here to assist my customers make intelligent real estate choices for the short term and long term.  If you’ve been getting ready to make that thrilling first buy, I hope you will give me a call to meet and discuss your goals and the current market – I’d love to hear from you!

Be A Step Ahead in Maintaining Your Randolph County Home For Sale This Summer

Summer is fast approaching and with the end of June almost in sight, most homeowners are thinking more about weekend barbecues and getaways than maintaining their homes.

But for those who are planning on selling their Randolph County NC home this summer, keeping ahead of maintenance issues will definitely help with the sale of their property. Here are some of the key items that you need to do:

  1. Clean your air conditioner. The best time to clean them is before you power them on for the first time. But most of us need to turn on the AC sooner than expected, so few of us are able to clean them up. But sooner is always better than later, so if you are planning to sell your Randolph County home this summer, you will want to make sure that your potential buyers are comfortable at all times. Make sure to leave them with a copy of the owner’s manual with the instructions on how to clean the AC’s coils and fins and how to change filters.
  2. Clear all the clutter. You already know how important this is for selling your Randolph County home for sale, but don’t overlook your winter heating equipment which could also add to the clutter. Store away your portable heaters and while doing so, get the filters from the central furnace and make a note to get replacements the next time you visit the hardware store. This will be a turn on for potential buyers once they see that new replacements are ready for the coming winter and are likely to think that the seller is someone who takes good care of the home and is ahead of maintenance matters.
  3. Clean your windows. Don’t forget to clean the window coverings as well. This may be a task that we hate doing but remember that if you are selling your Randolph County NC home this summer a few extra steps will pay off like making your windows shine. If you have some more time to spare, you could also hose off and clean the screens and lay them out under the summer sun to dry.

Selling your Randolph County home would be less stressful if you are a step ahead with your home’s maintenance. If you need help with the perfect marketing plan for your home, call me so we could discuss how you could get top dollar for your Randolph County home.