3 Tips to Speed Randolph County New Home Prospecting

3 Tips to Speed Randolph County New Home Prospecting

Here are 3 Tips to Speed Randolph County New Home Prospecting. If you plan to be looking for a new home in Asheboro anytime this season, before long you will find yourself having to pare down your list of ‘eligibles’—the properties that you ask your Asheboro NC real estate agent to include on your gotta-see-this-one list.

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The better job you do in whittling down that list, the more efficient your tour of properties will be. That’s not just a time-saver, either: the fact is, you’ll be more sharp-eyed and energetic when visiting prospective homes if you don’t waste time and energy on those that you could have eliminated beforehand. Some earmarks:

1. Houses that have been on the market for a long time

Area homes that have been on the market for more than 90 days probably have something about them that’s made them less appealing to buyers. If I am your Asheboro realtor, I will research to find out what the sticking point has been. It could be a factor that doesn’t bother you; if so, you might be in line for a true bargain!

 2. Houses hiding deferred expenses

When you come up with a budget for your new Asheboro home, it’s easy to overlook deferred expenses that might bust that budget—especially if the property is otherwise appealing. Keep your eyes open and red flag areas that seem to indicate unusually deferred maintenance. And be ready to ask your inspector for a professional opinion.

3. Homes with impaired resale potential

Although you won’t be selling your Asheboro new home any time soon, sophisticated buyers will usually try to put themselves in the mindset of a typical future buyer. That’s because they know that sometimes unique, idiosyncratic features that they themselves value can sometimes present obstacles to the average homebuyer. We never know what direction life can take; we may have to consider moving again sooner than expected—and if so, you’ll be happy that you tilted toward a new home with superior mass appeal.

If you’re about to go house hunting this winter, you can count my help as your experienced Asheboro NC realtor. I’m ready to get to work for you! Call me now, Waynette Araj 336-953-6526


Asheboro NC Homes’ Curb Appeal Depends On Reality Factor

Asheboro NC Homes’ Curb Appeal Depends On Reality Factor. Have you ever driven by fantastic-looking properties one day, only to realize that they’ve shed their attractiveness just a few several weeks after? It’s likely that such a nosedive in curb appeal could possibly be because of an impractical approach to lawn landscaping. Particularly as Asheboro NC homes approach fall climatic conditions changes, and much more obviously for Asheboro NC homes which are intending to be placed on the market, reality (rather than fantasy) ought to rule if landscape designs change will be decided. The secret is routine maintenance. Looking after lush landscaping is a time-consuming task, so if you’re not really a back garden enthusiast focused on the trimming, fertilizing, spraying, pruning, and weeding that elaborate greenscapes demand, your alternatives should be prepared to hire a pro to help keep on top of it all, or…actually, that’s your only choice!

Yesterday’s remarkable yard can turn ragged in days when it is overlooked. Whether you’re a busy specialist or overscheduled working mom, Asheboro NC homes for sale need consistent focus on the front yard landscaping. That curb appeal possibly invites a call to your Asheboro listing agent – or perhaps a drive past with no second look.   That very same actual component that may induce a choice to set up a simple, less-expansive lawn and plantings could affect the number of prospective buyers. That’s particularly true in case your target market weighs greatly with retired people, busy pros, dynamic families, or people searching for second residences for family vacation getaways or revenue properties. A lot of those potential buyers will move to Asheboro NC homes that won’t be expensive to re-landscape to reduce maintenance demands.

Asheboro NC homes with easy-maintenance yards that still offer a healthy feel could be significant champions in today’s market. Alongside same lines of less is more, having elves, bear or any other decorations in your yard can be quite a turnoff. You can include to that list too much “stuff” outside the house.

If you’re intending to list your Asheboro home for sale in town this season, it’s time for you to carry out some significant preparation. I provide pre-marketing consultation services to help you prepare Asheboro NC homes for the market. Call me right now 336-953-6526 to schedule yours!

Randolph County Home Values and the Outdoor Kitchen Idea

With summer season here and Randolph County property values on the rise, it’s natural to adhere to the impulse get started on outdoor-oriented enhancement projects. Among my (and my buyers’) favorite extra functions is definitely the outdoor kitchen. That temporary folding table you used to see beside the rollaway barbecue has become frequently replaced by a fully furnished permanent installation.

But if you intend on selling soon, it’s easy to overdo the outdoor kitchen idea. Randolph County home values don’t always gain every dollar spent, so with likely expenditure returns planned, here are a few ideas to help you perk up your patio without breaking your budget.

Whether you’ve got a large lawn or tiny one, amount of space isn’t important as much as the setup. Prepare your kitchen area to ensure the cook faces toward the entertaining area. When visitors can socialize while the cooking is taking place (and the chef isn’t stuck facing the wall), the fun of outdoor entertaining comes effortlessly.

You’re constructing an outdoor kitchen, so make it a point the floors are meant to withstand bad weathers. Outdoor-rated devices and a low-maintenance paint finish on cupboards will fight corrosion…and maintain your kitchen looking fresh for when you intend to sell! Also, consider elevating the cabinet so you can more easily hose off underfoot dirt.

An outdoor hearth can warm stories in even the steeliest of prospective buyers. Who doesn’t love thought of warm summer evenings spent gathered around a fire pit? But let’s be practical – a gas open fireplace insert is far handier than the usual real wood-burning fire pit. You don’t have to pay to operate a gas line outside either – there are lots of freestanding gas fireplace models available.

Although it is not likely to bring nearly precisely the same return as a total kitchen renovate, incorporating very simple outdoor kitchens can be a simple method to both appreciate backyard space and raise possible home values in the future. If that future is coming earlier rather than later, do contact me before you commit to any remodeling projects…I’ll be happy to discuss current Randolph County home values with you anytime!

Future Retirees Eye Randolph County Property for Sale

Who doesn’t give a quick second glance when they drive past a Randolph County property for sale? Our interest appears practically automatic, even when we ourselves don’t possess the tiniest interest to move out of our own home.

For more and more people, there’s a new reason behind more serious rubbernecking once they pass one of those ‘FOR SALE’ signs. It’s about retirement living.

Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research tells us that Americans’ retirement ages are growing continuously. Gallup has a higher finding: when current workers anticipate to retire. At least 40% think their particular age of retirement will be higher than 65.

That goes along with the fundamental problem serious individuals have regarding their own revenue throughout their golden years. For these people, second glances at Randolph County property for sale may be entirely sensible: that residence might characterize a considerable slice of their long term pension income.

One good reason to give it serious thought is the remaining portion of the expenditure landscape. I’m no financial advisor, but I do listen to my clients’ behaviour and worries. Even though rates of interest now seem to be on the rise, at present their financial savings accounts are earning no real return – it’s hardly even an investment. On the other hand, today’s real estate values look more likely to appreciate in the long run.

Then there’s the stock exchange. Following the previous couple of years’ gains, people can barely be held responsible for suspecting the associated risk quotient has been expanding right along with the returns. On the other hand, an appealing Randolph County property for sale just feels like a relatively safe and sound investment. Properties don’t just vanish!

Assessing real estate for sale through the prism of its retirement value doesn’t mean it can’t make contributions returns long before then. Leasing it out on a household or vacation time frame can offer an additional earnings supply at any time, sometimes with associated tax benefits.

Consulting a dependable financial advisor is the prudent first step when thinking about the option of Randolph County property for sale as an investment. Then I’ll be here to contribute my local expertise ¬- and this July, we’ve got some terrific prospects to choose from!

What Your Randolph County Listings Do Not Show You

Approximately 15%-20% of the homes for sale in America are not listed at all. This might come as a surprise since you may think that with this age of technology, every seller would take advantage of marketing their home for sale with the multiple listing service.

But not all homes make it to the listings. Here are four ways how Randolph County NC listings do not include every home that is really for sale:

1. FSBO. This means “For Sale By Owner,” which makes up 10% of the market. They are not usually listed on the MLS since they could easily be spotted just by driving by the neighborhood. These are the homes with for sale signs on the yard without any logo from a brokerage. There are instances when Randolph County FSBO homes will be listed on the MLS if the seller is offering a commission to buyer’s agents.

2. Pocket Listing. Sometimes, agents will deliberately withhold Randolph County NC listings from the public. There may be several reasons for this. They may wish to keep a certain home for sale for their own company’s clients or they may want to create a feeling of exclusivity for that choice listing. Looking for these types of listings could be a challenge and requires effort and persistence. You would need to search regularly through independent broker’s websites and contact several agents before finding one whose own Randolph County NC real estate network is current and deep.

3. Expired Listing. Once a Randolph County home is not sold within the expected time frame, it usually disappears from the MLS. These expired listings make up most of the invisible home listings that are still for sale. A good Randolph County NC agent will know this and will help you uncover these homes (if they match your requirements) before others do.

4. Closely Held Transaction. These are sales that are already arranged between family members, relatives, neighbors, or business associates and close without appearing on the Randolph County NC home listings. These closely held transactions make up 3% of the market.

If you are ready to look for a Randolph County NC home for sale, I am ready to assist you in looking for the perfect listing, both in the MLS and those hard to find hidden listings. Contact Waynette at 336-953-6526 or visit http://www.RandolphCountyHomes.com

July 4th 2013 Fireworks in Asheboro, and around Randolph County

fireworks 2

July 4th 2013 Fireworks and fun events in Asheboro and around Randolph County

(Update: for July 4, 2015 events, click here)

It’s that time of year again. You didn’t get to go to the beach this year for the week of July 4th 2013, or the lake with your friends, or even up to Toledo to visit the family. What to do?

Have no fear. There’s still some fun stuff going on around the Asheboro area. You don’t even have to drive very far. Here’s the breakdown:

July 4th:  Fireworks at McCrary Park after the Copperheads game!! The Copperheads will host Catawba Valley. The game starts at 7:05 pm. Fireworks commence after the game, usually just after 9 pm. McCrary Park is located in Asheboro at 138 Southway Rd.

July 4th:  Fireworks at Creekside Park! There will be family fun with fireworks, live music, craft and food vendors, and carnival rides for all ages. Creekside Park is in Archdale, just off South 311.

July 4th:  Randleman Parks and Recreation Department will host:
Fun Day in the Park – Thursday July 4th from 11am until 2pm. Free hot dogs, watermelon, beverages, game’s for the kids and a DJ. Free event!

July 6:   Saturday after 4th, Liberty is hosting Liberty’s July Celebration, downtown Liberty. There will be food vendors, arts, crafts, amusement rides and inflatables, music, and a fireworks show after dark.

Whatever you choose to do, I hope it’s filled with fun! Happy Independence Day, America!

Safety Precautions For Your Randolph County Open House

Having an open house for your Randolph County NC home for sale is a great tool to market your home, but it also exposes your home to strangers. Most Randolph County listing agents are trained to be cautious about any suspicious activities during the open house. As a seller, you too can take some proactive steps to keep your Randolph County home safe during the open house.

  1. Let your neighbors know about the open house. Since you will be away, also let your neighbors know when the open house schedule is and who your Randolph County listing agent is. Ask them to keep an eye for anything suspicious that may happen while you are gone.
  2. Keep your pets secure. Your pets should not be left to freely roam inside your Randolph County home for sale during the open house. Ask your neighbor if they could look after your pets during the open house or secure them in an escape-proof area or cage.
  3. Remove any fragile or breakable items around the home, as well as any hazardous items that the buyers may trip over, step on, or break. Also make sure to child-proof your home by removing harmful items that a prospective buyer’s child might accidentally break or ingest.
  4. Keep your valuables away in a safe place. The exposure that your Randolph County NC home for sale will get is very important in making a sale but removing and keeping away all your valuables like jewelry, expensive items, collector’s items, and cash will lessen the risk of anything being stolen.
  5. Upon returning, make sure to double-check all entrances, gates, doors, and windows if they are locked properly. Some thieves use the open house to check out valuables and possible entry points before they finally execute their plan. So aside from removing your valuables, make sure that all points of entry are secure.

A Randolph County open house is a powerful tool in any Randolph agent’s marketing tactics. By being more cautious and taking these extra steps, you can be assured the open house will go well without any glitches.

If you need help in with your Randolph County home for sale open house, contact Waynette Hoover Araj at  336-953-6526 so I can help you come up with the perfect way to sell your Randolph County home.